How to travel around England on a Budget

England is not known for being a budget destination and its reputation of being an expensive place to travel results in many backpackers leaving it off their travel itinerary. Travelling around England can be done cheaply though and by following these hints and tips you can enjoy all that this country has to offer without worrying about the dent in your wallet!

1. Book travel in advance

Yes, it is nice to be footloose and not have an itinerary travelling from day to day as you wish but England is a place where having a plan really pays off. If you can be organised and book in about 10 weeks in advance you can get train tickets super cheap. For example, a single from London to Leeds could cost you just £15!

2. Take a tent

If you are travelling in summer then why not camp? England really isn’t as cold as people make out and there are some fantastic campsites in the countryside as well as on the outskirts of cities like York and Cambridge.

3. Head to the supermarkets

England is the king of supermarkets and you can eat like a king for super cheap if you don’t mind cooking for yourself!

4. Make the most of the free attractions

All over the country there are some fantastic free museums. London has the iconic Natural History Museum and the British Museum but there are many others all over the country well worth a visit.

5. Get out in the countryside

The countryside costs nothing! Whether you head to the Yorkshire Dales, the Cotswolds or the Lake District you can hike for free until your hearts content!

Lake District